Wintersland Studio is a Rotterdam (The Netherlands) based full service provider for all of your audio production needs.

The company was incorporated in 2007 and began primarily as a recording studio for electronic music.
With the advent of home project studios and quality recording gear becoming more affordable for the average musician, larger commerical studios are becoming more scarce. Coming from a “do it yourself” mentality, we understand the benefits and satisfaction that come from buying your own gear and producing your own recordings.

We also know from experience that handling the technical aspects of recording while trying to be a musician at the same time, can often stifle the creative flow and freedom that should exist while recording. Having said that, the monetary savings and freedom of recording your own projects often outweigh the convenience of employing the services of a recording studio.

Wintersland was created to be a viable alternative between the headache and stress of mixing and mastering your own projects. We can even help you with the digital distribution of your music, or we can produce and record a full exclusive song or album for your project.

We are also available for all your audio needs for radio or tv, leaders, background music, theme songs, compilations, we are open for all your ideas.

Wintersland Studio mastered many CD releases and created tons of music productions from Ambient to EDM. Check our projects page for more information.